About sepra

Prevention and Safety

Others deal with us according to the mental image that they have formed of us based on a situation or feelings, and we are responsible for establishing this image positively in their minds. Accordingly, the facilities that build a health safety system and ambulance preparedness give their users a mental image that suggests peace and reassurance, as a result of their merit to act and availability in the tools. .

Why Is Our Work Important?

People are exposed in their lives to difficult and sudden situations that require easily and rapid intervention, and no one wants to remain confused, helpless, and short-handed to the relief of the injured, as these situations are not related to a place or time, rather they need preparation in every time and place .. So that's why we are here.

A Progressing Legacy

Since time immemorial and in the year 896 BC, the first ambulance operation was registered, represented in a successful resuscitation process. Humans continued to develop first aid capabilities and methods of providing it, realizing their importance in mitigating damage and preventing risks, to go beyond this being a skill acquired and related to building the community's ability to resist sudden accidents in the long term with containing human values..

تسوق الان متجر سبرا