Preparedness and training

What is first aid

Learn the principles of first aid, how to deal with emergency situations, and the theoretical principles of aid, to everyone who has a high sense of assistance through knowledge of emergency work priorities, first aid is the primary and immediate care and care of the injury that sudden attacks of illness, which are presented to the injured in order to preserve his life And reduce both the damage and the successful complications of the injury so that specialized medical care is available, and the importance of knowledge in first aid matters to non-specialists has increased due to the increase in risk factors resulting from various factors that may cause harm to the health of the skin, as many of us fall into trouble if a person is exposed to Accident, wounds, or heart attack, so we find the need to understand first aid in any place and time, and on the other hand, a family member may experience a disease crisis or an unexpected injury !! With the search for someone to provide a means of assistance, the time may have been delayed, from here it was necessary to identify some of the most important first-aid procedures and means that contribute effectively to saving people's lives in a timely manner.
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